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TERMS & CONDITIONS – 50% Off Managed Hosting Offer


    1. These terms and conditions (T&Cs) relate to the limited time offer of 50% off the first 12 months of managed WordPress web hosting as offered by Pep Digital, and shall hereforth be referred to as ‘The Offer’ or ‘Offer’.
    2. The landing page that advertises The Offer will hereforth be referred to as the ‘Landing Page’.
    3. The individual or company who accepts the offer will be hereforth referred to as the “Client”.
    1. The Offer runs until the 31st of December, 2020 but this date may be brought forwards or back at the discretion of Pep Digital.
    2. Any enquiries pertaining to The Offer must be received by Pep Digital via the email contact form on the Landing Page by midnight on the 31st of December, 2020 in order to be valid.
    1. The Offer is for 50% off the monthly price for the first 12 months on one of Pep Digital’s managed WordPress web hosting plans (with a minimum 12 month contract), provided that the Client contracts Pep Digital to build their website on one of Pep Digital’s fixed priced or custom website packages, as outlined on the Landing Page.
    2. The Offer includes the first 2 months of the plan at no charge, therefore the 50% off applies to only the remaining 10 months of the 12 month contract.
    3. Once the 12 month contract has expired, the Client is free to change hosting services should they choose.
    1. As per the Landing Page beneath the title ‘WordPress Website Packages’, each website package (fixed price or custom) includes the following:
      1. A maximum of the number of pages specified for the package.
      2. A maximum of the number of contact forms specified for the package – these are simple contact forms with no more than 8 fields and basic Captcha as built into the theme used by Pep Digital. A requirement for additional fields may incur extra cost to the Client.
      3. Mobile Responsive Custom Design – all websites built by Pep Digital will be of custom design according to the branding of the Client’s business and will be mobile responsive (i.e. optimised for viewing on varying mobile devices).
      4. SEO Optimisation – prior to the development process, Pep Digital (with the Client’s approval and input) will select a different key search term for each page of the website and will take measures to make each page SEO-optimised for each term. These measures include use of Alt tags for images, appropriate naming of images, appropriate naming of pages & URLs, inclusion of keyword-rich page descriptions and submission of site index to major search engines. Editing of copy provided by the Client or custom copywriting, including for SEO-purposes, are additional services that will incur additional charges. SEO optimisation services do not guarantee a specific page ranking on search engines, they simply optimise the website to favour good ranking.
      5. Google Analytics setup – Pep Digital will set up the Client with a Google Analytics account, or if the Client already has one, Pep Digital will add their new website to the account. Should the Client wish, Pep Digital will then setup a Google Analytics WordPress plugin so they can track their website performance from within the WordPress backend.
      6. Google My Business Setup – Pep Digital will setup the Client with a Google My Business profile to help improve their appearance in Google search results.
      7. Free 12 month SSL certificate for the Client’s new website (valued at $69.95). Should the Client continue to host with Pep Digital after the initial 12-month contract, they will continue to receive free SSL certificates as a part of their hosting plan.
      8. Daily Backups – automatic once-per-day backups of the Client’s website files so that they may be recovered in the rare case of a security breach.
      9. Ability to make edits – Pep Digital use a WordPress theme that makes it as simple as possible for the Client to make basic edits to their website. Basic edits include changing titles or body copy and simple image swaps.
      10. Access to training videos for making basic edits – Pep Digital will provide the Client with a link to a series of short video trainings to explain how the Client can login to the WordPress backend and make simple edits to their website copy or images.
      11. Social Media Integration – should the Client require it, Pep Digital will include icons with links to up to 5 different social media platforms in the website’s footer. These links are to be provided by the Client.
    2. Anything other than the aforementioned inclusions are additional services that will (or may, at Pep Digital’s discretion) incur additional charges.
    1. Prior to the commencement of the Client’s website development by Pep Digital, the Client must provide to Pep Digital the following:
      1. Their business logo for use on the website
      2. Completed ‘Pep Digital New Website Project Form’
      3. Completed ‘Pep Digital Web Project Contract’.

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